What Should A Media Kit Include(Free Template)

Today I’m going to show you how to make the perfect Media kit from scratch.
From what should a Media kit include to a free Media kit template, you will find everything in this single post.

I remember when I first started blogging I used to pitch brands for sponsored posts. Some of them replied to me with “Can you please share your Media kit with us” and some brands just ignore that.
It was definitely super confusing and frustrating. But I learned and Researched so much about Media kits and after that, I never looked back. Yes, I have Landed so many Sponsorships with just a Media kit.

Do you also want to make a perfect Media kit that brands will love?

Do not worry! In this no-nonsense guide, I will cut out all the noise and BS and show you exactly how to make a Media kit as an Influencer and Blogger. Also will share what a media kit should include exactly.

what should a media kit include
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So here’s what will you get from this post –

  • What is a Media kit?
  • How to make a Media kit?
  • What should a Media kit include?
  • How to use a Media kit?
  • How to work with brands from Media kit?
  • Free Media kit template for you to land paid partnership deals.

What is a Media kit?

In simple words, A Media kit is your professional Resume. As an Influencer or a blogger, you have to show your work and expertise to brands.

A Media kit is a necessary part of any Blog business. If you want to work with potential brands, A Media kit is a must-have.

The purpose of a Media kit is to showcase your followers, audience, Statics, demographics, and how you can help brands. It is a simple snapshot of your online presence and achievements.

Having a Media kit ready will prove to you how professional you are in your field. A media kit shows that you are prepared, focused, and an experienced Blogger/Influencer.  

Generally, a media kit has 1-3+ pages but you can make it as per your experience. A 2 page media kit is ideal.

Why Do you Need a Media Kit?

Suppose, you want to work with a brand and you just mail them your name, social handle or some links, follower count, and your top posts. Is this what a brand wants to see from an Influencer? The answer is NO! This is not enough. The brand will consider you unprofessional and will lose interest in working with you.

And on the other hand, you are emailing a brand with a proper media kit attachment that includes everything that the brand wants to hear from you. This will include not just a follower count but your engagement rate also.

This will show the demographics and all the details about your business. This will also include how can you help the brand by working together, and what you can offer to the brand. 

In this way, you are setting a clear and transparent image for the brand. No mess, No confusion. Just a resume that is describing all about your business. From your name to your rates. Almost Everything!

Having a media kit will set you apart from regular, unprofessional bloggers and influencers. A media kit will land you many paid opportunities from your favorite brands.

What Should A Media Kit Include?

I will share what should a media kit include for Bloggers and Influencers Both. Below is the Basic to Advanced things that you should include in your Media Kit to make it look perfect – 

1. Blog logo

A blog logo is an essential element to include in your Media Kit. It shows your brand identity. It will indirectly tell them that you are serious about your blog and you are treating it like a business, not just a hobby. 

If you are making a Media Kit as an influencer, you can add your profile picture in a framed visual format. 

Also do not worry if you do not have a logo for your blog. You can just simply add your blog name on the header of your media kit. 

You can also include your blog URL and your social media username too.

2. A clear photo of yours

Brands want to know who they are working with. Show them who is behind this amazing blog. They definitely would love to see the owner of the blog. This will build trust between you and the brand. Make sure the picture is clear and professional. 

3. About you

Now the picture is not enough. You have to tell them something about yourself. A little introduction would be great. It should include:

  • Your Name
  • Your Country/Location
  • Your skillsets and experience in this industry
  • What is your vision for making this blog?
  • What problem are you solving from your blog?
  • Fun facts about you

You can add anything else according to your preferences.

4. About the blog

In this section, you will introduce your business to the brands. This section of your media kit should include:

  • Your blog’s mission
  • When it was created/the story
  • Awards and achievements
  • What topic it covers
  • How this blog is helping others
  • How this blog can help brands

This is a required section that you must add to your media kit. If you are making a media kit as a social media influencer then just replace ‘Blog’ with ‘Account’.

5. Blog states

This is the section of your media kit where brands are more focused. This is definitely a required section.

Here is what to include in your blog states section-

  • Unique monthly visitors
  • Monthly page views
  • Domain authority
  • Email subscribers
  • Social media followers
  • Pinterest monthly views
  • Top performing content

You can get this all data from google analytics for your blog. If you want to include states for your Instagram you can get the data from your Instagram account’s insight.

6. About the audience

Let the brands know what kind of audience your blog has. This should include age, gender, interests, and location.

7. Partnership opportunities

Now, this is the section where you will show what services you offer as a blogger and influencer.

There are many services to offer as a blogger. Here are some of them –

  • Sponsored posts
  • Social media share
  • Content creation for brand
  • Banner advertising
  • Brand ambassador partnership
  • Product shoot for brands
  • Product review
  • Shout out on social media

You can add any other services as well.

8. Brands you have worked with

If you ever worked with any brand before, you can add them in this section. This is just an optional section. It is okay if you just starting out. Everybody starts from somewhere right?

9. Contact info

Now include a basic call to action in your media kit. This will help the brand to find you. You can add your email address, Instagram profile, Twitter profile, and any other social media accounts you have.

10. Your rates

This is quite a 50-50 kind of thing. Some bloggers do not mention their rates when some do. I personally do not recommend mentioning your rates. You can offer rates to the brand after knowing its budget and requirements.

Free Media Kit Template

As promised, here is your free media kit template –

How many pages should a media kit be?

Your media kit should be 1-2 pages.

Do influencers need a media kit?

Yes, if you want to look professional a media kit is the must-thing for any influencer.

What do you write in a media kit bio?

You should include your name, your country, what you do, your skillset, your experience, and your achievements.


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Sweety Joshi

Sweety Joshi is a full-time content creator and business owner with a background in graphic design, freelance writing, and Social media Marketing. She specializes in Pinterest Marketing and helps small businesses level up their sales and marketing efforts through effective online strategies. She is also skilled in branding design and can help brands create a cohesive and effective visual identity. With a keen eye for detail and an unwavering commitment to excellence, Sweety is an expert in her field and a valuable asset to any business looking to boost its online presence and establish a strong brand identity.


  1. As a blogger, creating a media kit is an essential task in order to successfully market your blog and increase readership. However, it can be confusing to understand what specific elements should be included. This article on Media Kit as a Blogger is a wealth of information that simplifies the process and helps make it straightforward.

  2. Very well articulated Sweety …. I, too, was confused when I started my blog on how to make a media kit. Again this post of yours is super helpful for those who are new to the blogging journey.

  3. This is such a useful post, especially for those starting out on the blogging journey. When we started, we too were unaware of the entire concept and learned about it the hard way. Wish we had a blog post like this, back then.

  4. Media kit is like a resume and work dashboard for influencers. I have got the glimpse from one of your previously shared article. Thanks for all the insights

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