8 Best Productivity Apps for Students to study smart

Hello Friend, are you looking for the best productivity apps that can help you organize your time and work? As a student, project management and study materials are very important things to keep safe. 

Also, It is normal for students to have feelings of stress due to the time commitments required by their academics, extracurriculars, and daily life.

This is when time-saving applications come in handy. By putting your projects, schedule, and priorities in one place, you can get more done in less time.

Because who doesn’t like smart work right?

It might be difficult to figure out which productivity software is best for you when there are so many to pick from.

the top 8 productivity apps for students
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In this article, we will share the top 8 productivity apps for students. We will also compare their features and costs so you can decide the best productivity app according to your needs.

These apps can help you get things done, whether you’re trying to get ahead in school, survive midterms, or just get through your day.

8 Best Productivity apps for Students

We have listed the top 8 productivity apps below. Please read each one of them and decide which is the best for you. 


Asana is an awesome project and task management tool. As a student, task management is too important. It’s better to align with a proper schedule than to perform unorganized.

Asana will help you to manage your tasks. It will help you to create tasks that are important to you. It will help you to focus on your priorities first.

Key features of Asana: Creating Tasks, Assigning tasks to team members (you can connect your schoolmates too), setting deadlines, and tracking progress.

These features are really helpful to make your life organized. It will help you to work smarter and on time.

Pricing information of Asana: Asana has two plans: free basic plans and paid premium plans.

As a student, you can go for a free basic plan only. It will give you lots of features to use and you can easily get your things done with this free plan.

You can try Asana if you have problems prioritizing your tasks.

2. Trello

Trello is a tool for organizing projects and tasks using boards, lists, and cards.

The tool’s adaptability and personalization options make it useful for everything from individual to group project management and collaboration.

Trello’s visual interface is one of its strongest points because it provides users with a clear and organized view of their tasks and ideas at a glance.

trello workspace interface
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There is a wide variety of features available, such as the ability to create deadlines, include attachments, and delegate work to specific members of the team.

In conclusion, Trello is a highly effective and simple app that can help anyone, This app is helpful for students to working professionals.

It helps to maintain order and control over their workload.

3. Evernote

Evernote is a note-taking and organization app that lets you make and save notes, group them into notebooks, and tag them so you can quickly find what you’re looking for when you need it.

It’s a helpful resource for students who want a centralized location for their various writing projects.

Evernote’s flexibility in accommodating multiple note-taking styles—including text, audio, and visuals—is one of the app’s greatest strengths.

It also comes with a variety of features, such as the capacity to share and sync notes across multiple devices.

In sum, Evernote is a robust and intuitive app that can aid students in maintaining study discipline and maximizing productivity.

4. Todoist

Todoist is a mobile application for managing tasks and projects. For students who want to avoid falling behind on their work, this is an invaluable resource.

Todoist’s simplicity and ease of use lie in the fact that it permits users to rapidly add and prioritize their tasks.

It also has a variety of features, such as the ability to organize tasks into projects, set due dates and reminders, and monitor progress.

In sum, Todoist is a trustworthy and simple app that can aid students in maintaining a productive study routine.

5. Habitica

Habitica is a task management app that adds a role-playing element to the process of getting things done. 

It’s a novel and entertaining strategy for maintaining momentum and avoiding procrastination. Habitica’s ability to elevate the experience of accomplishing goals is a major strength.

Users can advance in the game and earn rewards by completing tasks and habits, and they can even fight monsters for additional in-game currency.

habitica interface
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There is a wide variety of features, including the ability to set up your own habits and tasks and monitor your development over time.

In conclusion, Habitica is a fun and innovative app that can aid students in maintaining their motivation and control over their academic and personal lives.

6. Forest

Forest is a distraction-free work app that forces its users to put down their phones and concentrate.

This app achieves its goal by letting its users plant a virtual tree that will wither and die if they exit the app during the middle of a task, and by letting them set a timer to remind themselves to stay on task.

If you’re a student who struggles to concentrate and stay on task, this is an excellent resource for you. Staying focused and avoiding interruptions is made more fun with Forest, which is one of the app’s main strengths.

forest app interface
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Users can compete with their friends to see who can earn the most rewards by maintaining focus, at which point they will be rewarded with the ability to plant virtual forests.

It also comes with a variety of features, such as reminders and progress tracking. The Forest app is an innovative and useful tool that can help students maintain attention and increase their study output.

7. Focus To-Do

Focus To-Do is a productivity and time management app that helps its users create and manage to-do lists, establish routines, and keep tabs on their accomplishments.

If you’re a student who struggles to keep yourself motivated and organized, this is a fantastic resource for you.

Focus To-strength Do’s lies in its ability to help users maintain a healthy balance between task management and productivity.

The user can also tailor the interface to their specific requirements and take advantage of other features like reminders.

In conclusion, Focus To-Do is a trustworthy and simple app that can aid students in maintaining a productive study routine.

8. Pocket

Pocket is an app for saving web pages and videos for later viewing, categorizing saved items with tags, and syncing those items across multiple devices.

It’s a helpful resource for students who need to collect and file information for later use in research or study.

Pocket’s versatility in storing and categorizing different forms of media, such as articles, videos, images, and audio, is one of its greatest strengths.

Other features include the ability to save content and view it in different formats, as well as the ability to highlight and make notes on saved content.

Pocket is a highly functional and intuitive app that can aid students in saving and organizing relevant content for their research.

We hope you have selected the best productivity app for you. If you enjoyed reading this post and got some value from it, please share it with your schoolmates and friends to help them organize their tasks too. 

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