Intellifluence Review: How I made $1500+ from it as a blogger

intellifluence review

There are many influencer marketing platforms out there. But only some of them are making an impact and fulfilling their promises. Today we will talk about An Influencer marketing platform called “Intellifluence”.

You will get an honest intellifluence review in this post. 

But why do you need to trust me? Because as a Blogger I use this app so much and I made over $1500 with this application. Do not worry I will share the proofs too in this post.  

Intellifluence Review How to make money from it
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So, Influencer marketing is not a New concept now. This industry is booming day by day. Creating engaging content, promoting it effectively, and making an impact on the brand and audience is the main goal of any creator/influencer.

If you don’t know what is influencer marketing here are the details for you:

Brands have to build many marketing campaigns in order to achieve their company goals or you can say sales goals. They try many marketing schemes to Market their products and services. 

Influencer marketing is something when brands reach out to creators who have a great presence and trustworthy audience on social media platforms.

Those creators understand brands’ needs and create awesome content for them. And then share about the brand with their audience. In this way, brands get exposure and awareness. 

This strategy helps brands to market their products in a very effective way. It’s like a person who you know as a friend is recommending you to try something. So it’s a trustable and effective way to approach their target audiences. 

What is intellifluence

Intellifluence is an influencer marketing platform made for Brands and Influencers. It enables brands and creators to connect, collaborate and reach their goals. 

They have real Influencers (I’m one of them), and they have upfront rates and fast results. 

How Intellifluence works for Brands

If you are in search of real Influencers you can try this platform.

Intellifluence offers your products to get product reviews, it can help build your awareness and can increase sales.

They have the most trusted Influencers in their marketplace. 

Here, When you make a campaign for your brand you can specify your main goals.

You can pay Influencers with ease. You just have to pitch influencers or Influencers can also send an offer to you. 

You can pay them after the completion of the campaign.

There are lots of marketing strategies you can choose according to your business goals. 

Here are some of them: Social share, Social Engagement, Social Review, Blog Review, Video Review, Marketplace Review or you can make Custom campaigns too.

How Intellifluence works for Influencers

I use intellifluence as an Influencer. This platform has lots of opportunities to make money from blogging. This platform has many sponsored post campaigns for blogs.

The best part is this is free to join as an Influencer. They don’t charge any fee from Influencers. Just 100% profit.

You can get free products and cash for your reviews. They have lots of regular marketplace offers available.

Many people ask if is Intellifluence legit or fake. It’s 100% legit. All payments are backed by the Intellifluence promise which ensures you are securely paid for your work.

They have a very smooth and crystal-clear payment system.

As I said before I will share the payment proofs of Intellifluence. Here it is:

intellifluence review payment proof
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They have a minimum payout value which is just $25. Once you hit $25 you will get paid next Friday. They send payments every Friday to eligible influencers. 

They have lots of marketplace offer for every social media account. You can connect your Instagram, Blog, Twitter, Pinterest, and many more.

There is no minimum number of followers required to join this network. You can join it if you have an active social media presence. 

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Pros of Intellifluence Platform

Cons of intellifluence platform

intellifluence ratings and reviews

intellifluence reviews
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frequently asked questions

  • Influencers
  • Small Business Owners
  • Big Brands
  • Anyone who have a Blog
  • Anyone who have minimum 1 Follower on Any Social Media Platform

Intellifluence Offers almost every creator to join their network. Here are the Networks:

  • Website/Blog
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • Reddit
  • Youtube
  • Tiktok
  • Twitch

We hope you got a detailed review of the Intellifluence platform as an Influencer. We made this post for Influencers and Bloggers who wants to monetize their content in a legit way. 

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