How to Make a Website with Canva (Easy and Free)

Hey Friend, do you want to know how to make a website with Canva for Free? We have got everything covered for you in this post.

From How to make an awesome website with canva to how to publish and share for your canva website. You are going to learn everything about creating a free canva website in this single post. 

As we all know Websites are important for every business. It’s your professional and creative resume to showcase your expertise.

I know it’s tough to make a perfect website, and you are tired of these issues when creating a website –

  • Lack of Technical Expertise
  • It’s Time-Consuming
  • It is costly
  • You don’t know where to start
  • You don’t know how to make a free website 

But wait, what if I say that you don’t want to face all these difficulties while making a website. You can make a website for free in Canva with easy and quick steps. 

I guarantee you, if you follow this step-by-step tutorial on how to make a website with Canva, you will end up making a creative, easy to navigate and 100% Free website.

How to Make a Website with Canva – The Complete Guide

Here are easy and quick steps to make a website with Canva –

1. Sign up for a Free Canva account. Or if you already have a Canva account, you can just log in to your account. 

2. Now go to the search bar and type “Website” and Click Enter/Done.

  • Save

3. When you click enter you will find lots of premade website templates in Canva. You can select any of them for a faster process. There are many styles available for the templates such as Feminine, Aesthetic, Minimal, Elegant, and many more. 

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You can select any of these pre-made canva website templates.

4. Now after selecting the template of your choice, click on customize this template. After clicking on that button, a new tab will open where you can make changes in the template and can design your website according to you.

  • Save
I have selected this template and clicked on the “Customize this template” button.

5. Now it is design time. You can now change the content, Image, Fonts, and Colors, Add links to your website. You will find many editing options in Canva. Use them all wisely and make your Masterpiece.

  • Save
Canva Website In Making

So, Now I will replace the image and add my image to it. Then I will change the name and other written content. 

Next, I will apply my brand colors and Font to this template. For example, I am showing you the final results after making some changes to this website. Here you go-

  • Save
This is just an example/demo for the canva website.

7. Now double check your website. See if you make it look more attractive. Add links to your Social media Channels and Work. You can also Preview your website by clicking on the “Preview” button in canva.

And after doing these all tasks it is time to publish your own free website. 

  • Save
Click on “Publish Website”.

8. Now you need to review and set up the website. You can name your website and publish it as per your preference. Here are the easy steps to publish a website with Canva – 

  • Save
I told you it is Free.
  • Save
From here you can give a name to your website.
  • Save
  • Save

Congratulations For Publishing your own website with Canva! You can just copy this link and share it with your clients. You can also place this link in your Instagram Bio.

Canva website is Ideal for –

  • Freelancers
  • UCG Creators
  • Small Businesses that are just starting out with websites.
  • Businesses who want to make a simple landing page.
  • Beginners who have no idea how a website works.
  • Service Providers

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Pros and Cons of a Canva website

Pros of Canva Website – 

  • It is Free.
  • No Coding Skill is Required.
  • You can add links to your work.
  • Multiple Free templates to use.
  • You can add Photos, Videos.
  • Easy and quick to make.
  • Beginners Friendly.
  • You can add your social media accounts.

Cons of Canva Website – 

  • You can only create a one-paged website.
  • Can not use features like email marketing and chatbots.
  • Can not rank on Google.
  • Can not monetize it like a WordPress website.

FAQS about How to make a canva website

How to add Photos and videos to a canva website?

It is simple. You just have to replace the photo and add yours to the template. For videos go to the tab “videos” in canva. From there you can pick any video and just drag and drop it into your design.

How to add links to a canva website?

canva website link demo
  • Save

Select any text or element you want to add a link to. Then look for the “Link” option. Now click on it and add your link to it. And click apply. In this way, you can add links to a canva website.

How can I share my canva website?

  • Save

You can copy the link to your website and share it with others. You can also place your canva website link to your Instagram bio.

I hope I have answered all the inquiries you had about the canva website. Let me know if you need any help making a canva website. I will personally help you to create your canva website. Comment down if you have any questions.

how to make a website with canva
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how to make a website with canva


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